Office of Admissions

Information on How to Apply

Beginning freshmen are students who have never attended another college or university. Students who have attended another institution(s) during the summer immediately after high school graduation are also considered to be beginning freshmen. Likewise, high school students who have taken dual-enrollment college classes during high school are also considered to be new freshmen. To support the application process, they are to ask that ACT (or SAT) scores and high school transcripts be sent directly to the UNA Office of Admissions. Transcripts are typically sent by designated guidance counselors upon request by the students. If application is made while still enrolled in high school, the transcripts should show the latest available grades at least through the junior year, and ACT or SAT scores. Subsequently, final transcripts must be sent showing confirmation of graduation and the graduation date. Having these documents sent to UNA is the responsibility of the applicant, and it should be clearly understood that application procedures are incomplete until all items are on file. Failure to complete this process will jeopardize a student’s admission to the University. Students seeking admission on the basis of General Education Development (GED) tests must have copies of those scores sent.

For more detailed information on requirements, admission exceptions, conditional and unconditional admission, click here.

As a high school student, you should apply for admission as early as possible during your senior year. Scholarship deadline is typically December 1st of the senior year. Please take the following actions to ensure that you will be given full consideration as an applicant: