Career Planning and Development

College of Business Internship Application Instructions

General Requirements to be eligible to take part in an internship for academic credit:

Internship Application Process:

You are encouraged to seek employers that may be offering internships. One of many places to look is LionJobs.

  1. Register online with LionJobs.
  2. Click on STUDENTS and REGISTER; upload your resume (subject to approval).
  3. Follow job application instructions.
  4. Upon obtaining an internship offer, ask the employer to complete the Employer Contact Form.
    1. If you are already working for a business and would like to receive academic credit, you must provide a list of the new duties to be assigned, and at least 60% must be in your major/minor.
  5. Complete the Application.
  6. Take both the Employer Contact Form (and/or employer provided job description) and the Application to your department, where the designated faculty/instructor will determine if academic credit is appropriate based on the job description and relevance to your major/ minor. The designated department member (Chair, faculty or advisor) must complete that portion of your application.
  7. After receiving signature, ensure that the department's Administrative Assistant enters a permit-release for you to register for the internship class.
  8. Register for the internship class.
  9. Complete the Memo of Understanding form. This must also be signed by the employer.

**If you are not permitted to earn or do not choose to earn academic credit, you may still have the internship recognized by the University Interdisciplinary Program for no academic credit. (Must complete a minimum of 50 hours)

All of these forms (Employer Contact Form, Application, and Memo of Understanding) must be submitted for your internship file to be considered complete. Forms must be submitted to Career Planning and Development before the end of the late registration period as determined by the Registrar’s Office.

MBA Internship Application Process:

Internship Specifics:




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