Career Planning and Development

Internship Links

It is the responsibility of each student to find his/her own internship. Students are encouraged to seek out opportunities through LionJobs. Students may also check with their employer to see if their job duties are consistent with internship requirements. Below are a few helpful links you might explore to get started. Feel free to seek out other resources and/or make an appointment with Career Planning and Development. 

Careers Now Program

College Grad Job Hunter Internships

Disney Internship
(Students wishing to participate in the Disney Internship program, whether for academic credit or as Professional Practice, must complete the Internship Application packet.)


Federal Bureau of Investigation/FBI
Internship Programs.Com                                                                                                                                     
International Marine Animal Trainers' Association

NATO Internship Program
Peace Corps

SHAPE Internships
To Write Love on Her Arm

Urban Employ
UMN-Morris Internships
WISH Internships

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