Department of Communications

I want to study Broadcast Journalism

These are the required classes for the Broadcast Journalism emphasis:

COM 220 Basic Reporting

COM 243 Aural-Visual Production

COM 317 Media Convergence

COM 326 Broadcast News Writing & Producing

COM 356 Advanced Reporting

3 hr. COM elective, from department approved options

3 hr. COM elective, from department approved options

Total: 21 hours

All students in this area will earn a degree in mass communication with broadcast journalism as the student's primary area of study.


Communications Core

These classes are required for all mass communication students:

COM 205 Communication in a Global Age

COM 215 Media Writing

COM 233 Multimedia Communication - 1 hr.

COM 303 Research Methodologies in Communication Studies

COM 314 Communication Theory & the Public Interest

COM 400 Communications Law and Ethics

COM 420 Portfolio Preparation - 1 hr.

COM 499 Independent Study/Internship - 1 hr. to 3 hrs.

Total Core: 18 hrs. to 20 hrs.


Total emphasis and core hours: 39-41 hrs.

Unless noted otherwise, all classes are worth 3 hrs. credit.


Every UNA student will complete a series of classes that are part of the General Studies Component. 41 course credits are earned in general education. The UNA catalog contains a complete listing of general education requirements.

Students in the Department of Communications will complete a required College of Arts and Sciences computer course, either Computer Science 110, or Computer Science 120, or Computer Information Services 125.

 For the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete 6 hrs. of a required foreign language at the intermediate level.

To graduate, students will earn 128 credit hrs., including 39-41 hrs. in the communication major. Students must also take at least 80 hrs. of courseswork, of the 128 hrs. needed for graduation, from classes in departments outside the Department of Communications. Of these 80 hrs., at least 65 hrs. must be in approved arts and sciences courses. Courses from the General Studies Component (41 hours reffered to above) count towards the required 65 hours in arts and sciences.

 A minor is not required, but students are encouraged to select a minor to support their major course of study. Talk with you advisor or the department chair for more explanation.