Department of Communications

General Studies Component

I. Written Composition
Freshman Composition (EN 111 and EN 112 or EN 120 and EN 121) 6
II. Humanities and Fine Arts

Literature of the Western World (EN 231 and EN 232 or EN 233 and EN 234)

Fundamentals of Speech (COM 201)

3 hrs selected from:

Art Appreciation (AR 170)
Introduction to Art History (AR 180)
Art History Survey I (AR 281)
Art History Survey II (AR 282)
Cinema Appreciation (COM 133)
Introductory French (FR 101)
Introductory French (FR 102)
Language Laboratory (FR 111)
Language Laboratory (FR 112)
Intermediate French (FR 201)
Intermediate French (FR 202)
Introductory German (GR 101)
Introductory German (GR 102)
Language Laboratory (GR 111)
Language Laboratory (GR 112)
Intermediate German (GR 201)
Intermediate German (GR 202)
Music Appreciation I (MU 222)
Survey of Music Literature (MU 244)
Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 201)
Old Testament Introduction (RE 221)
New Testament Introduction (RE 231)
Introductory Spanish (SP 101)
Introductory Spanish (SP 102)
Language Laboratory (SP 111)
Language Laboratory (SP 112)
Intermediate Spanish (SP 201)
Intermediate Spanish (SP 202)
Theatre Appreciation (TH 210)

III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics

3 hrs selected from:

Finite Mathematics (MA 110)
Pre-calculus Algebra (MA 112)
Pre-calculus Trigonometry (MA 113)
Pre-calculus Algebra and Trigonometry (MA 115)
Calculus I (MA 125)
Calculus II (MA 126)
Calculus III (MA 227)
Linear Algebra (MA 237)
Applied Differential Equations I (MA 238)

8 hrs selected from:

Introductory Biology (BI 101)
Introductory Biology (BI 102)
Principles of Biology (BI 111)
Principles of Biology (BI 112)
Introductory Chemistry (CH 101)
Introductory Chemistry Laboratory (CH 101L)
Introductory Organic Chemistry (CH 102)
Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory (CH 102L)
General Chemistry (CH 111)
General Chemistry Laboratory (CH 111L)
General Chemistry (CH 112)
General Chemistry Laboratory (CH 112L)
Earth Science (ES 121)
Earth Science Laboratory (ES 121L)
Descriptive Astronomy (ES 125)
Physical Geology (ES 131)
Historical Geology (ES 132)
Principles of Physical Geography I (GE 111)
Principles of Physical Geography II (GE 112)
Interactive Physics (PH 101)
Introductory Physics (PH 121)
General Physics I (PH 241)
General Physics II (PH 242)
Technical Physics I (PH 251)
Technical Physics II (PH 252)

IV. History, Social and Behavioral Sciences

6 hrs from:

Survey of World Civilization to 1500 (HI 101)

and Survey of World Civilization Since 1500 (HI 102)



United States History to 1877 (HI 201)

and United States History Since 1877 (HI 202)


6 hrs from:

Principles of Macroeconomics (EC 251)
Principles of Microeconomics (EC 252)
Human Growth and Development (ED 299)
World Regional Geography (GE 102)
Human Geography (GE 260)
United States Government and Politics (PS 241)
General Psychology (PY 201)
Introductory Sociology (SO 221)

Additional Requirements:
Writing Emphasis Course (taken within major field), Computer Instruction
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Areas I-IV and Additional Requirements are the same as for the Bachelor of Science degree
Foreign language at the intermediate level (201-202) 6