Employee Policy Manual

Volunteering Services to Establish Endowment: A Service Opportunity for UNA Employees

University employees who are near retirement may request an opportunity to be employed one additional year after retirement for the purpose of establishing an endowment fund to support the mission of the University.  Additional volunteer service beyond one year is permissible but it must be approved on an annual basis. The procedures for assessing this opportunity are outlined below.

Because the generous act of Dr. Raymond Isbell in 1997 was the genesis of what has become, since 2008, a formal program of faculty at UNA funding scholarships in retirement, an announcement was made at the 2011 Homecoming Banquet to rename this program and henceforth, these professors will be known as Raymond Isbell Scholars and will have their names engraved on a plaque which will be displayed in Bibb Graves Hall.


 After employee planning to retire receives a letter from the President acknowledging retirement, employee writes a letter to his/her immediate supervisor expressing desire to volunteer services with the expectation of an amount equal to his/her current salary and benefits (minus Social Security withholdings and, optionally, a minimal salary) being used to establish one or more endowment funds within the university.

Immediate supervisor reviews plan and, if approved, forwards to the appropriate dean or cost center head who reviews and, if approved, forwards to the appropriate vice president.

 The appropriate Executive Council member reviews plan and, if approved, forwards to the President.

 President reviews plan and, if approved instructs the Director, HRAA to contact the faculty member to discuss total amount of potential contribution, TRS allowable earnings, desired salary, and amount(s) to be deposited into the endowment(s).  Based on the discussion, the attached form is completed and distributed to the appropriate parties.

 The VPAA and Provost (for faculty) or Director, HRAA (for staff) prepares a letter from President to the employee detailing the salary and conditions for his/her voluntary service.

 The Business Office provides to the employee monthly statements showing deposits into the endowment fund(s) and the current balance(s). 

Approved by Council of Academic Deans on 08/20/2010
Approved by Executive Council on 09/07/2010
Submitted to Shared Governance Committee on 09/07/2010
Revised by Faculty/Staff Welfare Committee on 10/09/2010
Approved by Executive Council on 11/15/2010
Amended by Executive Council on 10/17/2011
Amended by Executive Council on 11/14/2011