Department of Foreign Languages

Minor in Latin American Studies

Required Courses: Credit
Introduction to Latin American Studies (FL 204 or FL 204H) 3
Geography of Latin American (GE 305) 3
Latin American History since 1824 (HI 347) 3
Latin American Civilization and Culture (SP 352) 3



6 Semester credit hours selected from the following:

Cross Cultural Interactions (FL 302) 3
History of the Caribbean (HI 438) 3
International Business (MK/MG 491) 3
Commercial Spanish (SP 353) 3
Advanced Commercial Spanish (SP 403W) 3
Survey of Latin American Literature I (SP 410W) 3



NOTE:  This page is based upon the 2013/2014 UNA Catalog.
Courses and descriptions are subject to change without notice.