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Facilities/Equipment - College of Arts & Sciences

Gifts in this area will provide UNA with the cutting-edge technology that keeps us at a national level, but they also provide the day-to-day equipment we need to excel in the classroom.

$50 - $150

  • High-resolution wand scanner (English)
  • Chairs for student study areas of Wesleyan Hall (Foreign Languages/Geography/ Psychology)
  • GPS systems (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Sun tracker (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Mars models (Physics/Earth Science)

$150 - $250

  • Upgraded student desks for Bibb-Graves Hall (History/Political Science)
  • Classroom equipment for Bibb-Graves Hall (History/Political Science)
  • Geo-Blox Sets (Physics/Earth Science)

$250 - $500

  • Wall-mount flat-screen TV (English)
  • Upgraded faculty office furnishings and equipment for Willingham Hall (History/ Political Science)
  • Tables for student study areas of Wesleyan Hall (Foreign Languages/Geography/ Psychology)
  • Ptolemaic planetary system model (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Milky-Way Galaxy model (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Polariscope (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Orbital planetarium models (Physics/Earth Science)

$500 - $1,000

  • High-end flat-screen monitor for digital art exhibition (Art)
  • Robert Brent potter’s wheel (Art)
  • Three-day visiting artist program (Art)
  • Purchase one piece of artwork from a professional artist for Art Gallery collection
  • Lighted display cabinet (English)
  • New desk, hutch, file cabinet suite for departmental office (Foreign Languages/ Psychology)
  • Faculty desk for Willingham Hall (History/Political Science)
  • Park bench and table for Wesleyan Hall lawn (Geography)
  • Survey transit/tripod/rod (Physics/Earth Science)
  • 405 nm (violet) laser (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Portable Foucault pendulum (Physics/Earth Science)
  • Air track systems (Physics/Earth Science)

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