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Student support is the main goal at UNA, and these gifts will provide students with support resources like scholarships, opportunities to study abroad or current technology.

$50 - $150

  • Sponsor up to three merit awards to the winners of the UNA student art competition (Art)
  • Enable a student to pay the dues to join an honor society
  • Sponsor ten students for the annual etiquette dinner

$150 - $250

  • Provide a textbook voucher
  • Provide a meal voucher
  • Provide one studio art supply package for a beginning studio art student

$250 - $500

  • Fund the juror’s fee for a student art competition (Art)
  • SLR camera for student use (Art)
  • Sponsor a student research grant
  • Sponsor a speaker for a student organization

$500 - $1,000

  • Sponsor a student in Model United Nations (History/Political Science)
  • Sponsor a student in Mock Trials Competition (History/Political Science)
  • Sponsor a student’s travel for undergraduate research presentation
  • Sponsor a student for study abroad

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