University Health Services

Allergy Clinic

Allergy injections may be administered by a registered nurse in the clinic. You must be an established allergy patient and provide the medication and instructions from your own physician. Allergy testing is not conducted in the clinic. Please allow 20 minutes for waiting time after your injections.

Allergy Injection Policy

UNA Health Services will administer allergy injections with the following Provisions on file:

  1. Written orders from your allergist who has provided the appropriate serum(s).
  2. Your signature on the allergy injection consent form.

There is always a possibility of an adverse reaction to an allergy shot. For your safety, our policy is as follows:

  1. A medical provider must be present in the clinic.
  2. You must wait 15 minutes in the clinic after receiving your injection.
  3. Before leaving, you must be checked for any signs of reaction to the injection
  4. The injection site must not be rubbed or scratched. If itching occurs, apply ice.
  5. Immediately report any problems/reaction from an allergy injection to the clinic nurse.

Patient responsibilities include:

  1. Having current instructions, injection schedules, and serum(s) at the clinic.
  2. Adhering to the injection schedule as prescribed by your allergist.
  3. Arranging to receive allergy injections during Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Breaks and at other times when the clinic is closed.
  4. Obtaining refill serum(s) as needed.
  5. The student should avoid vigorous exercise one hour before and after injections.
  6. Picking up remaining serum(s) when leaving campus for semester breaks, graduation, or withdrawal from the university. Any serum remaining after May graduation ceremonies will be discarded. We do not mail/ship medications. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  7. Understanding your allergist instructions.

Allergy Injection administration requirements:

  1. Allergy injections will be given on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1-3pm. This is done to ensure patient satisfaction and compliance.
  2. You must be present in the clinic before 3pm to receive your allergy injection.NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Schedule is subject to change during interim periods and summer semester.
  4. You must adhere to the injection schedule as prescribed by your allergist. Missing three (3) visits as prescribed by your allergist, requiring an adjustment to your scheduled injections, results in the student becoming ineligible to receive allergy injections at the clinic and referral back to his/her allergist.


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