UNA Ethics

Welcome to our home webiste for our research project concerning hiking trail etihics. We hope you choose to participate, and if so, the project will include three phases:

  1. Informed consent page
  2. Your rating of several nature photographs for pleasantness.
  3. Your completing a few questionnaires concerning hiking, environmentalism, and spirituality.

At our laboratory we study the psychology of religion and how religion is associated with behavior, the good and the bad. And as fellow hikers, we are concerned about our own impact on the environment as we hike. Hence, this project combines a couple of our interest. We estimate that it will probably take the average participant about 20 - 30 minutes to complete this project.

Thanks ahead of time for helping us. To go to the informed consent form to get started click here. See you on the trail!


    Richard A. Hudiburg, PhD
    Larry W. Bates, PhD
    Mary Katherine Osborn
    Victoria A. McLain
    Jessica L. Richardson
    Ben S. Tate, B.S.

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