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The Master of Arts degree in History program is intended to meet the educational needs of those aspiring to professional advancement in the study and/or teaching of history or in other professions requiring an advanced degree. The proposed curriculum in history provides a sound basis for students to accomplish the following four objectives:

  • to deepen students’ knowledge of history and historical literature.
  • to assist high school teachers to further their expertise in history and to aid them in becoming “highly qualified” teachers as defined under the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.
  • to prepare students for advanced study at the Ph.D. level or for entry into professional schools such as law, library science, journalism, seminary training, and for careers in business, educational institutions, government, and other areas that require an advanced degree.
  • to prepare students for careers in instruction at the community college level, in historical research, public history, museums, government service, and for advancement in job preparation and salary for professionals in education, business, and industry.

The Masters of Arts in History is organized as a generalist program, with an emphasis on United States History. The program offers two options: thesis and non-thesis. The 33-hour thesis option requires 27 hours of coursework, 6 hours of thesis work, and the successful defense of a thesis. The non-thesis option requires 33 hours of coursework (six of which must be seminar courses), and the successful completion of a comprehensive examination. Both options require a 15-hour core that encompasses a course in Historiography and Research Methods as well as four graduate colloquia in United States and European History. The remaining coursework–12 hours–is composed of 500 and 600 level electives.

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For more information contact: Sarah Franklin, Ph.D. - Director of Graduate Studies,, ph: 256-765-5774 or Jeffrey Bibbee, Ph.D. - Chair of the Department of History and Political Science,, phone: 256-765-4533.

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