Projects and Presentations: Past and Present

Public History Projects

Lollar Exhibit

Collier Library Archeology Exhibit: Mickey Lollar (Nov. 2012)

FAME National Register Nomination: Hannah Garmon (ongoing)

Riverview National Historic District Nomination: Hannah Garmon (exploratory phase, ongoing)

Downtown Florence Historic District Walking Tour Brochure: Kristen Tippett Briggs (ongoing)

Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area Cell Phone Walking Tour: Wesley Garmon

Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area Architectural Driving Tour: Clint Alley

Tennessee Valley Historical Society Website Design: Dr. Carolyn Barske and Wesley Garmon (summer 2013)

Cemetery Assessment Projects: Calvin Liles

Oral History Project in Partnership with Tennessee Valley Historical Society (ongoing)

Oral History Project in partnership with the Town of Hackleburg, AL (ongoing)

The Town of Berry Resource Center, Library and Museum: Mickey Lollar (ongoing)


Alabama Historical Association, Poster Session: "From Reconstruction to Desegregation: The African American Experience in Northwest Alabama:" Kristen Briggs, Hannah Garmon, Wesley Garmon (April 2013)

Hannah GarmonClint Alley

Tennessee Valley Historical Society Quarterly Meeting: Presentation on Oral History Partnerships with the Tennessee Valley Historical Society: Clint Alley, Hannah Garmon, Kevin Bailey (April 2013)

Downtown Florence Website: Kristen Briggs (Summer 2013)

The North Alabamian: Wesley Garmon (Summer 2013) -The site documents Wesley's research on house museums.

Oral History Presentation, American Association of State and Local History (September, 2013)

Oral History Presentation, Society of Alabama Archivists (October, 2013): Hannah Garmon, Wesley Garmon, Kristen Tippett Briggs

Oral History Presentation, Alabama Museum Association Conference (May 2014), Florence, AL: Hannah Garmon, Wesley Garmon, Kristen Tippett Briggs

Florence (Arcadia Publishing, forthcoming July 2014): Dr. Carolyn Barske, Clint Alley, Wesley Garmon and Jesse Brock

Educational Program Development for W.C. Handy Museum and the Rosenbaum House, both part of the Florence City Museum system: Tess Evans, Ashley Pentecost, Casey Mills and Mandy Beck (Fall, 2013)

Docent Orientation Packet for Rosenbaum House: Wesley Garmon and Pam Kingsbury (Fall, 2013)

Educational Program Development for the Natchez Trace Parkway Association: Jesse Brock, Ashley Pentecost, Kristen Briggs (2014)

Sulphur Creek Trestle Preservation Project (in conjunction with UNA Geography Department), Funded by the American Battlefield Protection Program: Jonathan Steadman (ongoing)

UNA Research Day Presentations: April 9-10, 2014. Kristen Briggs, Hannah Garmon, Wesley Garmon, Clint Alley, Jonathan Steadman, Robin Campbell, Jesse Brock, Ashley Pentecost