Office of International Affairs


Spring Semester 2014

January 2 UNA re-opens

January 2-4 Airport pick up

January 5  Report date for new international students 9am Powers Hall

January 5 Residence halls open after 1pm

January 6 Orientation continues for new international students 9am Powers Hall

January 7 ESL classes begin

January 8 Academic classes begin

January 20 University closed

February 1 ESL Mid-Spring application deadline

February 5 Last day to pay bill in full

February 15 Study Abroad Application Deadline

February 21-23 University closed

February 28 Midterm; last day to apply for graduation for 2014 Fall Semester

March 8 Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation 9am-Noon, Student Success Center

March 8-9 Airport pick up

March 10 ESL Mid Spring report date and orientation

March 15 Magellan program application deadline for Fall 2014

March 20 OPT (Optional Practical Training) Workshop Powers Room 122 at 3pm

March 21 Navigator application deadline

March 21 Nine-month residence halls close at 6pm

March 24-30 University closed

March 30 Nine-month residence halls reopen after 1pm

April 2 Study Abroad Scholarship round 3 application deadline

April 7 TOEFL sign up deadline

April 18 University closed

April 25 Summer application deadline

April 25 Accuplacer, Keller 233, 8:30am *sign up required

April 30  last day to apply for graduation for Fall Semester 2014

May 1 Study Day; TOEFL; Travel endorsements available for academic students

May 2-7 Semester examinations

May 5-6 ESL Pre-Registration

May 7 ESL Closing ceremony; Travel endorsements available for ESL students

May 10 Close of term; Commencement program, Flowers Hall

May 11 Nine-month residence halls close for end of spring semester at 12 noon

May 16 Last day to pre-register for Summer/Fall classes

May Intercession

The May intersession period runs from May 12 through May 30, 2014.

May 26 University closed

May 30 Airport pick up

May 31 Airport pick up

Summer Term One

June 1 Report date

June 2 Summer term one first day 

June 27 Summer term one last day

Summer Term Two

June 30 Summer term two first day

July 4 University closed

July 7 Fall application deadline

July 25 Summer term two last day

Fall Semester 2014

August 12 Airport pick up

August 13 Airport Pick up

August 14 Airport Pick up

August 15 Report Date for new incoming students - report to Office of International Affairs at Powers Hall; 9am CST; Freshmen move into Residence Halls

August 16 Orientation continues: Upperclassmen move into Residence Halls 1pm

August 17 Orientation continues

August 18 Orientation continues; Required assembly for orientation of beginning freshmen and new transfer students who did not attend SOAR (location to be announced);

Welcome Picnic Powers Hall Lawn 6-8pm

August 19 Orientation continues

August 20 Classes begin

August 31 last day to apply for graduation for 2015 Spring semester

September 1 University closed

September 5 ESL mid-fall application deadline

October 3 ESL Term one last day

October 4-5 Airport pick up

October 6 ESL Term 2 Report date and orientation 9am CST

October 10 University closed

October 15 Magellan Application deadline for Spring 2015

OPT 15 (Optional Practical Training) Workshop for December graduation candidates 3pm Powers 122

November 1 Study Abroad Scholarship application deadline

November 14 Spring semester application deadline

November 17-21 International Education Week 

November 26-30 University closed

December 4 Study Day; TOEFL 9am * sign up required

December 8 Pre-registration for ESL Spring, ESL Computer Lab 

December 10 Last day of ESL Term 2; ESL Completion Ceremony Noon; ESL students travel endorsements available

December 13 Commencement; 9-month Residence Halls Close 1pm; Deadline to pay for pre-registered spring classes

December 18 University closed

Spring Semester 2015

January 5  Required assembly for orientation of beginning freshmen and new transfer students

January 7  Regular classes begin

January 19  University closed

February 20-22 University closed

March 23-29 University closed for spring holidays

April 3  University closed

April 30 Study Day; last day to apply for graduation for Fall Semester 2015

May 9  Close of term; Commencement program, Flowers Hall