Department of Physics & Earth Science

General Studies

General Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Physics

General Studies Component

For general studies requirements and additional requirements for UNA students, refer to Academic Procedures and Requirements.

Area V: Additional Requirements

23 hours from among any course listed in Arts and Sciences Area V elective courses or any UNA elective course to bring total to 23 hours.

Total 64

For the Bachelor of Arts degree the student must satisfy the following requirement: 6 hours of a required foreign language at the intermediate level. The student may elect to count up to 6 hours of foreign language at the intermediate level (201, 202) towards the 23 hours in this area.

Major Core Requirements

*Technical Physics I, II (PH 251, 252) 10
Modern Physics (PH 343) 4
Total 4-14

*These courses are required in the major if not completed as a part of the General Studies Component.