Office of Student Conduct


Once a Referral Form/report is submitted, the following procedures will be followed:

  • Based on the information in the report, the Director of Student Conduct determines whether a possible violation occurred. 
  • If determination is made in the affirmative, investigation begins and, where applicable, written statements will be requested from witnesses, and/or victim(s).
  • The alleged student violator(s) is notified in writing of the possible violation and the date, time, and place of the student conduct conference.  The conference is an informal, non-adversarial meeting between a student and a Conduct Officer or designee of the Student Conduct Office.
  • During the conference, the Conduct Officer presents the information in the report, listens to the student, discusses circumstances regarding the incident, and hears student concerns.
  • Based upon the discussion and the preponderance of evidence, the conference will ultimately result in the student deciding whether to accept responsibility for any violation(s) and/or sanction(s) assigned by the Conduct Officer, or to request an appeal the decision.  A student may only appeal a sanction of Removal from University Housing and Deferred Suspension to Permanent Expulsion from the University. 
  • In cases of accusation of violations of the Student Code of Conduct that could result in suspension from the University or removal from the residence halls, the Director of Student Conduct or his/her designee may refer the student conduct case to the University Student Conduct Board (USCB) at his/her discretion.  Each USCB is made up of at least three students, one faculty member, and one staff member, with the majority of members being students. In cases of alleged academic dishonesty, additional faculty members may serve, with the Board majority still being students. All Board members receive training on an annual basis; specialized training related to sexual misconduct is required prior to service on a sexual misconduct case.
  • If the student fails to appear for the conference or USCB hearing, the meeting may be held without his/her presence or statements.