Division of Student Affairs

Counseling Services' Role in Assisting Students

The University’s Director of Student Counseling Services serves in a consultant capacity to the CARE Team.  When a student is presented for discussion at CARE Team meetings, behavioral symptoms are evaluated for the possibility of underlying mental, emotional, and alcohol/other drug-related causes.  If any of these are suspected as contributory, the CARE Team may refer the student for a psychosocial assessment at Student Counseling Services, or recommend further evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist. 

UNA's Student Counseling Services is located at 555 Oakview Circle, behind Kilby School. Counselors are available for assessment of needs/problems, crisis intervention, referrals, and short-term counseling with students. The goal is to help students develop coping skills for problems that may be threatening their health, well-being, and/or academic performance. Participation is confidential, voluntary, and at no charge for students who are actively enrolled in classes for the semester during which they seek assistance. Faculty, staff or parents, who are concerned about a student, may call for consultation with a counselor or to arrange a referral appointment. Students should call 256.765.5215 for an appointment or further information.

All medical and counseling records are maintained in strict compliance with laws and guidelines related to confidentiality. Release of informaiton requires your written authorization, except as required by law.

Assisting Students in Distress

Counseling Services Brochure