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About Us

About Us

The CARE Team at the University of North Alabama is the Campus Assistance, Referral and Evaluation Team. The CARE Team was created in response to growing concerns and increased awareness on college and university campuses regarding students' emotional well-being, safety and other obstacles to academic success.

The CARE Team's purpose is to enable the University to provide early intervention and support to students who display varying levels of distressed behavior. Early response to the needs of students who may be at-risk and/or in-crisis and then providing appropriate assistance can prevent an escalation of the situation and retain the success of the student as well as keep the student and campus community safe.

Please be aware that this work relies on referrals from the entire campus community and can only be effective with your support. Be assured that the CARE Team observes FERPA restrictions, adhering to more stringent HIPAA requirements, to protect student privacy. When should you refer a student? Click here for description of signs that a student may be in distress.

If you observe behavior that is of concern, please take action to get help for the student by referring the student to the CARE Team or other resource service.

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