Division of Student Affairs

CARE Team Process - Questions addressed

What is the student’s current level of risk for injury to self or others?

Does the student need an immediate assessment by a counselor or medical staff?

What immediate steps need to be taken to reduce the risk factors indentified?

Are there other individuals that should be asked to be a part of the CARE Team for the student?

Are there other University officials that need to be notified of the current incident?

Does this incident require immediate law enforcement intervention?

Is the student capable of staying in school at this point?  If so under what conditions?

Does the student require custodial holding when an action plan is developed?  
If so who, what, where, when, how will it happen?

Should parents of the student be called and asked to be a part of the CARE Team?

Is there a history of health problems or a current problem that may be contributing to the learning/behavior difficulties?

Is the student experiencing difficulties in all aspects of school or only in selected areas? 

Does the student differ significantly from other students in his or her age range in social, emotional, or cognitive development? 

Does the student have friends? 

What is the student’s attitude about school? Towards life in general?

Have there been any sudden changes in the student’s school performance (attendance, grades, speaking out)?

Does the student have any condition that is interfering with one of life’s major activities; e.g. disabilities under 504?  

Does the student have behavioral problems that are of long duration and pervasive across all settings?