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The UNA Active Suspension Program is an alternative to traditional suspension.  This is not an exemption from Suspension 1; you simply agree to take a more active role in how you serve Suspension 1.  In terms of personal expectations, this program is an opportunity for you to:Chemistry Students

It will also provide you with close guidance and support that can help you create and sustain positive change in your academic life. Details outlining the requirements of the Active Suspension program may be found in this contract, which you will be required to sign before participating in the program. 

Be aware that should you participate in the Active Suspension program, you may or may not be eligible for certain types of financial assistance.  You should contact the Office of Student Financial Services to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid.  If you are ineligible for federal financial aid, there may be other types of aid for which you may be eligible.  Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services to discuss your financial aid status. 

Handshake with studentIf you participate in the Active Suspension Program, you will have the immediate opportunity to work toward satisfactory academic status and will not be required to spend a semester away from campus.  If you are interested in participating in this program, please do the following: 

  1. Prepare a one-paragraph statement explaining what has led you to this point in your academic career and what you are doing or intend to do, beside enrolling in Active Suspension, to solve your situation. 

  2. Complete and submit the appointment request form linked below to schedule your intake conference.  Selection days and times are final.  Once you select a day and time, you cannot change your selection. 
    Application to the Active Suspension Program must be made by the end of day on August 1st.  Interviews commence on August 5th at 10:00 am in the Center for Writing Excellence, Collier Library basement. 
  3. Promptly attend your interview.  All interviews will be conducted in the UNA Center for Writing Excellence, Collier Library Basement.  There are no make-up appointments for your interview; if you miss it, you will not be accepted into the Active Suspension Program. 

  4. If you elect to participate in the program after your Intake interview, you will be directed to Student Financial Services to get an update on your financial aid status, and then to University Advising Services (127 Keller Hall, inside the main entrance) for advising and registration.  The UAS staff will set an appointment with you, but be advised that there may be a wait; this is a busy time of year for that office.  Please be patient, and be willing to return later for your advising and registration appointment should you need to do so. 

If you attempt to complete the form and there are no more remaining available times, send an email to Dr. Robert Koch at (please include a cell phone number to help expedite the process), and he will contact you on August 5th to get you into an open time slot.

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