Learning Communities


Learning Communities (LCs) are small, diverse groups of first-year students and faculty who share common intellectual and professional interests.  Each Learning Community at UNA is focused on a theme or interest area and consists of a group of three courses: two General Education courses and one First Year Experience (FYE) course.  A small group of students take these courses together, providing a supportive learning environment for students to cultivate lasting relationships with each other and their professors. Additionally, each Learning Community will complete an experiential learning project that could consist of field trips, service projects, or research to get students more deeply engaged in their interest areas.

For Students:

Studies have shown that students who participate in Learning Communities have higher GPAs and retention rates than students who do not.  There are many other benefits as well, including:

  • Meeting other like-minded students with similar interests
  • Taking all face-to-face classes with full-time faculty
  • Getting to know your professors better
  • Participating in an experiential learning project
  • Scoring reserved seats in desirable sections of general education courses

To participate in a Learning Community, tell your Academic Advisor at Orientation.  Here is a list of LCs being offered for Fall 2021:

Learning Community #1 Introduction to World Domination: Participants should be planning to major/minor in Political Science, Foreign Languages, or Pre-Law.This LC will build aware global citizens with critical thinking skills, information literacy, and general knowledge about institutional structures of the university, federal, and even global systems.

Learning Community #2 You Belong: Intended for Arts/Humanities majors. This LC helps students see that the skills used in all their courses are designed to help them be a more confident and successful person overall, in the academic community and beyond.

Learning Community #3 First Generation Students: First generation students are encouraged to participate in this LC, which is open to all majors. Taught by two first-generation faculty members, this LC focuses on helping students successfully navigate university life and academics.

Learning Community #4 Leadership and Service: Open to all majors.  Through a focus on leadership and service, the goals of this LC are to help students understand diversity, develop empathy, and become familiar with important social issues facing communities. 

Learning Community #5 Impact of COVID-19: Open to all majors, but will be of particular interest to sociology/psychology or Pre-Health majors. This LC explores the impact of COVID-19, particularly on social relationships. Students will consider how emotional, social, and mental well-being have been impacted by the pandemic over the last year.

Table of LC courses