Early College Registration Process

Early College participants are allowed to enroll in freshmen or sophomore level courses on a space available basis. High schools interested in enrolling more than 10 students in the same course are encourage to explore the Early College cohort options by contacting the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office at 256-765-4288 or

Early College participants are not eligible for self-service banner web registration via UNA Portal. The College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office registers all Early College students during the scheduled registration dates. See the timeline for details.

Steps for Registration Eligibility

  • Be accepted into the UNA Early College Program.

  • Completion of the Early College Approval form with your course selection(s) and two alternative course options.

    • The form must be signed by your high school counselor/principal.

    • Submit the form to the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office by scanning and emailing it to

UNA Early College Approval Form

  • Completion of the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement.


Student Financial Responsibility Instructions

Effective March 1, 2015, registration at UNA requires that students first read and agree to the Financial Responsibility Agreement set forth by the University.  This agreement is a one-time agreement and will remain in effect throughout the student’s career at UNA unless it is rescinded or altered at the University’s discretion. 

Until the agreement is agreed upon by the student, a registration hold will be placed on the account. 

The agreement outlines the student’s commitment to pay all expenses incurred at the University of North Alabama.  

To access the agreement, students log into their UNA Portal account and navigate to:

  • Self-Service Banner

  • Student

  • Financial Responsibility Agreement

  • Read and click “I Agree”

Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, the registration hold will be removed and you will receive an electronic confirmation sent to your UNA email address.  Please forward your confirmation email to This is will notify the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office that you are ready to be registered.

If you have any questions about your student account, please contact the UNA Office of Student Accounts at or call 256-765-4441, 256-765-4442 or 256-765-4231.

REMEMBER, until the agreement is agreed upon by you the student, a registration hold will remain on your account and you cannot be registered for any courses.