Women of Influence

Dena Kitts * - Founder
Ann Battcher
Anonymous (1)
Sheena Burgreen
Pat Burney
Gaye Montgomery Choat *
Hon. Sybil Cleveland-Pennywell
Creative Jewelers
Dynamic Dentistry of the Shoals *
Tina Erdmann
Dr. Mary Leigh Gillespie *
Gail Guice
Laura Hamner
Kathy Haslam In memory of Sue Haslam
Andrea Hunt
Jan Ingle
Ann-Marie Irons
Dr. Judy Jackson *
Michelle Forsythe Jones
Melissa Kiel 
Patricia Lewis *
Monica Guy Marthaler
June Montgomery
Ana Maria Padgett
Hon. Deborah Bell Paseur
Lisa C. Patterson
Rita M. Prince
Dr. Julie Rice *
Claudia Vance Ross
Nancy Sanford
Michele Scott
Dr. Stephanie Wagoner Teichmiller *
Katie Terry
Lucy C. Trousdale
Linda Kirby Vaughan
Denise Watts
Tosha-Paige and Camilla Whitten
Dr. Amber Paulk
Lilia Alexander
Suzie Shoemaker

* Founder’s Club Members have committed to a minimum of $5,000 over a 5 year period