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The foundation of UNA was laid in 1830 with the establishment of LaGrange College. Each year since, that foundation has been strengthened by those who are most dedicated to the success and to the future of this institution. Today, through the 1830 Fund - UNA's largest source of gifts for scholarship and program support - thousands of students are depending on you to help ensure their college future.

You see, it wasn't long ago when students paid less than half of the cost to attend UNA. Who paid the rest? The state of Alabama. Those funds helped guarantee the quality faculty, staff, technology, facilities and programs that make a great university. However, since 2010, the state has reduced its funding to UNA by more than $10 million - almost 30 percent of our state budget.

Here's what that means: Students are now paying about two thirds of the cost to attend UNA, while the state pays the remaining third. As more and more state funds are eliminated from higher education, a greater financial burden is being placed on the backs of students. We do not believe that is the way it should be.

That's why the 1830 Fund at UNA is so important. Built by gifts from loyal alumni and friends like you, the 1830 Fund helps bridge the gap that is widening between state funding and state universities like UNA. Without you, this gap will hold students back from the education they need and deserve.

Your gifts to the 1830 Fund will build student scholarships as well as vital university programs, study-abroad opportunities, faculty research, new facilities, upgrades for classroom and research technology, and much, much more.

Pie Chart
Pie Chart

Ten years ago, students paid only 47.62 percent of the cost to attend UNA, while the state of Alabama funded the remainder. Today, with less state funding, students are having to pay 63.37 percent.

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Double Your Gift's Impact

Will your employer match your charitable contributions? Find out here. When your employer matches your contribution, your gift of $100 will become $200. You will double your impact on the students of UNA!

The 1830 Gala

At UNA, we want to honor those who are most committed to a strong foundation for the university. That's why we want to reserve your spot at the exclusive 1830 Gala. The 1830 Gala will be a four-star event featuring special guests each Spring to recognize your gifts of $1,000 or more during the year. In addition to the 1830 Gala, you will be honored in the annual President's Report, published each fall to recognize gifts made in the past fiscal year, Oct. 1-Sept. 30.