Apply to UNA!

Freshmen - Students who graduate from high school and come directly to UNA (excluding summer semester after high school)

Transfer - Any degree-seeking student with prior college-level work from another institution (excluding dual enrollment)

For new Freshmen and Transfers, create a MyUNA  account and complete an online application: Apply Here 

For a complete list of our undergraduate majors and minors: majors and minors

For more info about our undergraduate programs (myUNA account required): Undergraduate Info

*This application page pertains to U.S. domestic applicants only.


For a complete list of our Graduate majors and minors:  Apply Here 

For more info about our graduate programs (myUNA account required): majors and minors

To apply for graduate studies at UNA, complete an online application: Graduate Info

*This application page pertains to U.S. domestic applicants only.


Transient - Students in good standing who are enrolled in a degree program at another college or university may, with the written approval of the parent institution, enroll at UNA as transient students (Required: A letter of good standing from college currently attending)

Former - UNA students who wish to re-enroll after an absence of one of more fall/spring semesters must apply for reactivation as former students

Special - Any non-degree seeking student who wishes to enroll in classes at UNA

For transient, former and special students, download and complete following application and send to Admissions: Download 

Include official transcript from last college attended, official transcripts from all previously attended institutions and, if Bachelor’s degree earned, official transcript from institution from which degree was earned.

*This application page pertains to U.S. domestic applicants only.


For International Students, please follow the link to International Admissions for international student application information: international student application

For more information regarding undergraduate transient, former, special, and second degree students, please create an account: Request Information