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Gallery Specifications

145 running feet covered by oyster white wall carpet that is
suitable for hanging all types of work.

Wall heights: 9’6” and 10’ with molding track on 60 percent
of running footage.

1,785 sq. ft. of floor space covered in seagull gray carpet.

Ten free-standing display panels on casters covered by oyster
white wall carpet. Each measures 4 ft. wide x 8 ft. high x 2 ft.

24 sculpture stands of various sizes and colors are available.

Diffused skylight, tracking lighting, and spotlights.

Temperature and humidity are controlled.

Fire protection is according to local ordinance.


The space has limited access and is enclosed by three
solid walls and a glass curtain wall entrance.

Supervision is provided by the department secretary
and student workers who are performing other duties
while watching the exhibition area. The gallery is locked
and secured during off-duty hours and weekends. It is
patrolled by University security officers during off hours.

Main Gallery Floorplan