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2013 Lights & Shadows

  Art Competition Winners

  Best of Show Winner,
  Art Faculty Award Winner
  Jordan Wisenauer
  Title: Family Portrait

Other winners include:

1st Place 2D
Daisuke Arata

2nd Place 2D
Clint Frenchko
The Big Cleanup

1st Place Photography
Michael Redding

2nd Place Photography
Carrie Cook
Homemade Love

1st Place 3D
Stephanie Gile
Perspective Stone

2nd Place 3D
Aaron Keen
Goddess #2

1st Place Digital Media
Lisa Harris
Mad Hatter Tea


2nd Place Digital Media

Lisa Harris

Baskerville Type Poster

Merit Award Painting
Jordan Weisenauer
Liberty Leading Majority

Merit Award Painting
Kate Gonstad

Merit Award Printmaking
Lisa Harris
Sewing I

Merit Award Digital Photography
Hanna Archer
Night Alley

Merit Award Painting
Shilo Cupples
All’s Well that Ends Well