Sunseri Speaker Series

The Sunseri Speaker Series focuses on the integration of arts and creativity with the sciences to drive innovation. It was developed in the College of Arts and Sciences in partnership with David Sunseri in honor of his sister Jennifer Sunseri. Jennifer was born on June 17th, 1980, with cerebral palsy that left her unable to walk or talk. She passed away on November 4th, 2009 at the age of 29.  Jennifer was an inspiration to all who knew her. She currently has an endowed scholarship, Chemistry office suite, and the Sunseri Speaker Series named after her to keep her memory alive.

Featured Speakers and Topics:

Sustainability Conference - Sunseri Speaker Series

April 17, 2019  *  Featuring Ms. Alice Evans, Director, Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

Heather Manso - Carter's Inc. Vice President of Development and Commercialization
October 5, 2018  *  Topic: The Importance of Having a Global Focus & Knowledge of Foreign Languages & Cultures in the Business World.
Maryn McKenna - Scientific Journalist
April 26, 2018  *  Topic: Scientific Journalism.

Women in STEM Panel  -  October 26, 2017
Ms. Anne Whitaker, Chairman, President and CEO of KNOW Bio Respiratory LLC
Dr. Deborah Hellums, Former Director of fertilizer research at the International Fertilizer Development Center
Ms. Lacey Reinoehl, Vice President for Customer Experience at Lojix Software, LLC
Ms. Jessica Williams, Environmental, Health and Safety Engineer with 3M
Ms. Hannah Hopkins, software developer for NASA

Kwan and Henmi - Architectural Planning

November 13, 2016  *  Topic: Science and Technology in our Built Environment.

Brianna Wu - American Video Game Developer

April 5, 2016 *  Topic: Thriving in the Business World and Gamer Gate.