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Hall of Distinction

The Hall of Distinction was recently created to recognize and honor those individuals who distinguished themselves and the University of North Alabama through their careers, their personal and civic accomplishments, their volunteer activities, and their loyalty to the College of Arts and Sciences.


The College of Arts and Sciences made the decision to develop a mechanism to honor those friends and supporters who, in the past year, have made a concerted effort to challenge the status quo and elevate its presence and level of excellence in teaching students to thinking critically, communicating clearly, solving complex problems, and become an engaged citizen.  Simply put – Arts and Sciences wanted to honor those supporters who champion for a liberal arts education. This is the 2nd   year we have selected recipients. We are very proud of the inductees.


    When the College of Arts and Sciences started the selection process one criterion stood out among all others – supporters who were able to challenge the College within the context of its goals:

  • Providing a liberal arts education in a world that demands an agile workforce.
  • Providing international experiences as preparation for creating seamless job opportunities.
  • Infusing creativity in all disciplines so as to assist in sustaining economic growth.
  • Developing experiential learning opportunities that will provide collaboration with experts across the continent.

Congratulations to the College of Arts and Sciences 2018 Hall of Distinction inductees:Ms. Anne Whitaker, Ms. Carnette Johnson, and Mr. Clark West and Mr. Elliott Mitchell.


Ms. Anne Whitaker

Anne Whitaker

We are honored to welcome Ms. Anne Whitaker to our esteemed Hall of Distinction. Ms. Whitaker earned her degree in Chemistry and Business at UNA. She currently is the Chairman, President & CEO of KNOW Bio Respiratory LLC, a biopharmaceutical company focused on research, development and commercialization of novel respiratory medicines based on a proprietary nitric oxide platform technology.  She also is CEO and Chairman of Novoclem Therapeutics. Prior to her current role, she served as Executive Vice President and Company Group Chairman for Valeant Pharmaceuticals leading the Global Branded Pharmaceutical Business.  Anne is active in the North Carolina community as a member of the North Carolina School of Math and Science Foundation Board and several women’s leadership organizations including Women in Bio, HBA, and Women Corporate Directors. She also serves on the Advisory Council for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Ms. Carnette Johnson

Carnette Johnson

We are honored to welcome Ms. Carnette Johnson to our esteemed Hall of Distinction. Ms. Johnson graduated from UNA in 1983 with a degree in Accounting. Since 1993, Carnette has worked in the glue applicator machinery industry and resides in the Atlanta area.  She has successfully assisted in the implementation of a global accounting module called R3P.  Her personal motto is all about critical “out of the box” thinking. Carnette has participated in Everybody Wins Atlanta which is a reading program, Time N Talent, and fundraising for Relay for Life. Since 2012, she has served as UNA’s Alumni President for the Greater Atlanta area where she attends college fairs to help recruit quality college students.  She also chairs a UNA Alumni committee called “The Flashback Committee”. They are a group of African American UNA alumni who plan events during homecoming to enhance UNA involvement. She recently received her Executive Masters of Business Administration degree online with the University of North Alabama. She serves on the Arts and Sciences Advisory Council.

Mr. Clark West and Mr. Elliott Mitchell

Clark West and Elliott Mitchell

We are honored to welcome Mr. West and Mr. Mitchell to our esteemed Hall of Distinction. Mr. West and Mr. Mitchell recently celebrated their 45th anniversary.  Mr. Mitchell’s early career began with him working in various senior level financial positions at large corporations.  Mr. West spent his career working in psychiatric facilities and in private practice.  Both Mr. West and Mr. Mitchell became highly involved in real estate development during the early 2000’s, developing residential and commercial condominiums in the panhandle of Florida.   Outside of work they have been highly involved in promoting marriage equality and work place equality for the LGBTQ community in the state of Florida.  They sponsor a variety of talent festivals that highlight the LGBTQ community. 

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