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Welcome to UNA Early College! Since 1996, thousands of high school students have chosen to earn college credit through UNA Early College. The program offers excellent opportunities for junior and senior students that aspire to earn college credit while still high school. It is centered around placing the needs of students first. Students are supported by staff/faculty the moment they express interest in the program. Our goal is to help students successfully transition from high school to college. We accomplish this by monitoring students academically and providing enrichment opportunities.

Early College traditional students are currently eligible to take 100-200 level courses on-line and on our beautiful campus. There are a wide variety of courses that are appealing to students' future career interests. The program provides 15 course options for high schools interested in forming a cohort. Cohort partner high schools work closely with the College of Arts and Sciences' departments to provide courses on the high school's main campus in the following formats: face to face, hybrid, or on-line.

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