Serving on a Committee

Some scholarships requiring campus review committees that help to determine if they are a perfect fit for a scholarship. Some applications require discipline specific knowledge where a committee comprised of active faculty could help gauge the applicant's proposal. Reviewing applications usually requires reading a full application and making detailed notes for the proposals as well as the letters of recommendation. In addition to application review, campus committees interview applicants and help write official endorsement letters. If you would like to serve on a committee please contact Dr. Matthew Price at 

We owe much gratitude to our previous scholarship committee members! 

Faculty Committee Participants

Dr. Jeffery Bibbee, Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Claudia Vance, Chair, Department of Foreign Languages

Dr. Butler Cain, Chair, Department of Communications

Dr. Tim Loughrist, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Dr. Matthew Duques, Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Jana Beaver, Associate Dean of the College of Business

Jason McCall, Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Cheryl Price, Associate Professor, English

Dr. Kelly Latchaw, Associate Professor, English

Mrs. Mollie Schaefer-Thompson, UNA Alumni, former Fulbright recipient

Dr. Leah Graham, Chair, Department of Politics, Justice, Law, Philosophy

Mrs. Katie Loughrist, Academic English Online Coordinator, International Affairs

Dr. Alejandra Alvarado-Brizuela, Assistant Professor, Spanish

Jimmie Waites-UNA Alumni, Fulbright and Boren scholarship recipient