The History and English Departments offer a wide array of courses that focus on many different aspects of British history, politics, literature, society and culture. ETC ETC. Scroll down to view all of the courses that focus on British Studies that are offered by both departments at UNA. Click here to skip down to the History section.

Full Department of English Course Listing

English Courses with focus on British Studies

EN 211. (3) Survey of English Literature.

The development of English literature as an expression of English culture from Beowulf through Neoclassicism. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

EN 212. (3) Survey of English Literature.

A continuation of English 311 from the Pre-Romantics to the present. Recommended in sequence. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

EN 301. (3) Romantic Poetry.

Extensive reading in Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley, and Keats. (Fall, even-numbered years)

EN 302. (3) Romantic and Victorian Poetry.

Extensive reading in the works of major poets of two important literary periods. (Fall, odd-numbered years)

EN 303. (3) Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature.

Extensive reading in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century British Literature. (Offered on sufficient demand)

EN 333. (3) Images of Women in Literature.

An examination of images of women in literature drawn primarily from the works of women writers in English and American literature of
the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; an introduction to feminist criticism. Also listed as WS333 but creditable only in field for which registered. (Spring, even-numbered years)

EN 371. (3) English Drama.

English Drama from its sources through the nineteenth century, excluding Shakespeare. (Offered on sufficient demand)

EN 401. (3) Chaucer.

The Canterbury Tales, Troilus and Criseyde, and most of the minor poems. (Fall, even-numbered years; Summer, odd-numbered years)

EN 402. (3) Milton.

Although some prose works are studied, the emphasis is upon Milton as a poet. (Fall, odd-numbered years; Summer, even-numbered years)

EN 403. (3) Shakespeare.

Major plays for understanding and appreciation. (Fall, Spring)

EN 441. (3) History of the English Language.

Development of the English language and of modern English usage. (Fall; Summer, odd-numbered years)

EN 453. (3) The English Novel.

Representative works in the development of the English novel. (Spring, even-numbered years)

EN 454. (3) The English Novel.

Intensive study of selected English authors. (Offered on sufficient demand)

EN 496. (3) Selected Topics in English Literature.

Concentrated study in specific narrow areas of English literature. Prerequisites: EN 311, 312. (Spring, odd-numbered years, if demand sufficient)

History Courses with focus on British Studies

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