Strategic Doing Course Fosters Collaborative Leadership

UNA College of Business Strategic DoingFollowing the success of the Strategic Doing workshop last fall, a three-day immersive course in collaborative leadership methods was held April 21-23 and taught by Purdue University professor Dr. Scott Hutcheson. The class included those interested in economic and community development and forward thinking business professionals who are committed to making meaningful change in the Shoals community. “Strategic Doing is a validated process for collaborating with a broad range of constituencies to find workable solutions to complex problems,” said Dean Greg Carnes. “The focus is on ‘doing’, not ‘planning’. This keeps everyone focused on being active in the collaboration, which keeps the project moving forward continuously.”

The seminar acts as a stand-alone practitioner training course, or as a step toward obtaining Strategic Doing certification, and involved classroom work and field work with coaching from Dr. Hutcheson. “We run this course all over the country and we were excited to bring it to this area of Alabama,” he said. 

Participants who attended the seminar and are interested in leading Strategic Doing workshops in the future, are now eligible to obtain certification to do so, which involves a capstone project following the course Dr. Hutcheson taught. The course has armed numerous communities across the US with progressive and effective methods for developing collaborative, agile strategies that address new and existing opportunities for generating prosperity in their respective communities. Attendees discussed and learned about new models of leadership, “Specifically,” Dr. Hutcheson said, “we teach collaborative leadership, which is a very different way of thinking about leadership than what is done in most organizations.”

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