MBA Enrollment Numbers Soar

UNA’s MBA Specialist Zack Crowell and MBA Advisor Amanda Waddell have established a highly effective, people-focused system for increasing enrollment numbers for UNA’s MBA program that has set the university apart from other institution’s efforts. “Few do what we do,” Amanda Waddell says. “They might have automated emails set up to get a prospective student’s attention, but rarely do they quickly pick up the phone to talk to the prospect.”

When a prospective student submits an online form requesting more information about the program, Zack Crowell reaches out with a phone call, on average, within three minutes of receiving the form. “People are really pleased that we respond that quickly,” Crowell says. “They are very impressed that we call to ask if they have questions about the program, financial aid, etc.” This work resulted in a 90% enrollment increase for new MBA admits for spring 2016 semester over spring 2015.

Waddell’s role is to initiate contact once a student has applied to the program. She communicates regularly with the prospective student, lets them know what materials might be missing to complete the application, and continues to be on-hand as a personal advisor throughout the registration process. The Student Checklist is a new program implemented summer 2015 that allows prospective students to access their application online, track the progress, and see what’s needed to complete the process. The ease of applying and personal connection with each prospective student has helped turn MBA seekers into dedicated UNA students.

“We believe that our current nurturing process contributed to this amazing increase in enrollment,” Waddell says. “We have a great team that continues to contact and nurture our prospective students as well as our current students.”

There is still time to apply to begin the MBA program this summer.  For more information on the MBA program please visit

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