CSIS Students Accept NASA Internships

UNA LogoCSIS students Tyler Yasaka, Mike Broman, Thomas Rhodes and Jason Summer have each earned an internship position with Dynetics, a contractor with NASA, this summer. We strongly encourage our students to pursue internships in order to gain valuable work experience that will ultimately help them land substantial jobs post-graduation. The students talked with us about what it means to have been offered this internship.

Tyler Yasaka: On an academic and professional level, the internship offer has meant a lot to me and in a way that demonstrates how far I have come since I began studying at UNA. I am fortunate to have come this far, and would certainly not have made it to where I am without tremendous support from my family and friends. The main thing I want to gain from this internship is experience. Working on Redstone Arsenal is going to be an experience in and of itself, and obviously while I am here, I hope to learn and improve my skills; not just as a software developer, but also general skills such as communication and teamwork.

Mike Broman: This internship is momentous because it is a stepping stone for my career, academics, and personal life. I will sharpen my skills and soak in information I can use immediately and for the rest of my life.

Thomas Rhodes: I am honored to have been chosen to intern with Dynetics. It has solidified the fact that in order for one to advance, you must be willing to break out of your comfort zone. Academically, the internship is a confirmation of the skills and methods that I have learned in classes at UNA. As I finish my final semester at UNA this fall, I will have even more relevant experience under my belt. Professionally, with the Dynetics internship, I will now have experience within four uniquely different industries: banking, food, automotive, and government. This will provide an unparalleled advantage over my graduating peers. 

Jason Summer: Earning this internship is a major achievement for me. I have been attempting to earn my Bachelor's off and on since 1997. Until the last attempt, I never felt I was in school for the right reasons, or studying the right major. Once I joined the CIS program at UNA in 2012, I realized I found my niche. From an academic standpoint, the internship seems a natural progression of this particular program. My adviser and instructors prepared me well, and many of the lessons learned in my classes are already being utilized in real world environments. Professionally, this internship validates the time and effort dedicated to completing this CIS degree.

Contact Dr. David Nickels (dwnickels@una.edu) for more information on internships with students in Computer Information Systems and Computer Science.   For general information on College of Business internships, contact Amanda Terry (alterry@una.edu). 

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