New Admissions Video Tells UNA Story

UNA Admissions VideoA new seven-minute video was commissioned earlier this year to tell the story of UNA’s campus life through the eyes of several current students with very different paths. The video resides on the home page of and is already serving as a valuable tool for recruiters visiting area high schools to introduce prospective students to the opportunities UNA has to offer.

The commissioned video was funded by Dr. Thomas Calhoun and the Division of Enrollment Management, produced by Armosa Studios of Florence, Alabama, and organized by the Armosa crew and a team of UNA staff members, including Jeremy Britten, Bryan Rachal, Nikki Yarber, Karen Hodges, Kim Mauldin and Julie Yates, collectively representing the Admissions, University Communications and Marketing, and Enrollment Management departments. The UNA team selected Armosa studios for the production among several possible candidates. “Wes and Tera are graduates of UNA,” Jeremy Britten, associate director for digital communications, said. “They hire UNA students to work with them, and they have a passion for the Shoals area. Who better to help tell the story of our great university! Their work speaks for itself, and everything they create is beautiful. They definitely have the gift of storytelling.”

Nikki Yarber, enrollment marketing coordinator, said of the video, “Students from several different geographic locations and most of the academic colleges are represented, which speaks to the comprehensive approach of the video. Also, the video presents an array of student activities both on and off campus, such as Greek life, ROTC, athletics, outdoor adventures, the Honors Program, and student government. We hope that prospective students will be able to identify specifically with activities or organizations that appeal to them.”

For Director of Admissions, Kim Mauldin, the video represents what she strives to accomplish when meeting with prospective students. “This video highlights what students can do here at UNA and why they should choose to attend UNA, be it greek life, bass fishing, student government - there’s a niche for everyone. The spectrum of the student interest the video covers tells a lot of stories. And it’s always better when the students get to tell their own story, instead of our telling it for them.”

“Video, in general, is the most appealing form of marketing communication today,” Nikki said. “Technologically savvy students spend large amounts of time viewing videos online; it’s a quick, easy, and fun way to obtain information. The video is a tool that our Admissions staff can take out on the road when they are speaking to prospective students about the University. It gives prospective students a glimpse of our beautiful campus and our passionate students, and it will encourage them to visit and to consider UNA.”

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