Management and Marketing

Management and Marketing Dept. Chair

Careers in management and marketing exist in every organization from the largest Fortune 100 to start-ups. Our alumni are working in such firms throughout the globe in many industries including banking, finance, insurance, real estate, retail, industrial, professional services, and many others.

Our diverse choice of degrees can prepare you for an exciting future. You can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with the following two options:

Professional Management with a choice of four concentrations:

Professional Marketing with a choice of two concentrations:

You can also earn a minor in one of the following to enhance your selected business or non-business major:

Participating in unique programs offers you even more opportunity to excel and set yourself ahead:

  1. The UNA Center for Professional Selling earned Associate Member Status with the University Sales Center Alliance and is ranked as a Top University by the Sales Education Foundation. In Fall 2015 a new minor in Category Management   
  2. Innovation Engineering is a groundbreaking program that provides a systematic approach to developing products. The fundamental concepts of the program include tools and methods for:
    1. Creating
    2. Communicating
    3. Commercializing meaningfully unique ideas

In addition to strong academics our faculty and staff mentor students to earn internships, network in clubs and professional associations, participate in competitions and study abroad, and earn awards.  

Several scholarships are awarded each year and highlighted at the annual College of Business Awards banquet.

The faculty, staff and I are here to assist you on your career journey. Please contact any of us to begin the conversation that can lead to an exciting, dynamic future for you.

Dr. Jana Beaver
Associate Professor and Department Chair
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