Management and Marketing - Advisors


Each student majoring in Management or Marketing should be assigned an advisor from the department's faculty.  The role of the advisor is to assist the student's effort to plan and execute a program of study designed to satisfy the University's degree requirements and the student's academic goals.  Prior to registration each semester, students must meet with their assigned advisor or attend on the of the department's advising sessions. A student advising session is the student's opportunity to discuss coursework for the next semester and the student's academic progress.  At the conclusion of an advising session, the student's registration PIN will be released allowing the student to complete registration for the next term. Advising for the Spring and Summer terms can be completed in the same advising session as registration for both semesters will open at the same time.

How to find you advisor:

Students may find their assigned Management or Marketing advisor by pointing their browser to UNA Portal, logging on, and following these steps:

  • Click the Student Services tab
  • Click Student Records
  • Click Advisor