Management and Marketing - Courses


MG 100 Introduction to Business (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 234 or 234H Create: Innovation Engineering I (Fall)
MG 305 Technology Tools for Business (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 310 Personal Wealth Management (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 330 Principles of Management (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 331 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 334 or 334H Communicate: Innovation Engineering II (Spring)
MG 340 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 345 Hotel Management and Operations (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
MG 350 Hospitality Management (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
MG 355 Introduction to Healthcare Management (Fall, Spring)
MG 362 Human Resource Management (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
MG 371 Employment Law (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
MG 382W Managerial Communications (Fall, Spring, Summer) 
MG 391 Entrepreneurship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 395 Operations Management (Fall, Spring, Summer - online)
            (formerly MG 420)
MG 434 Commercialize: Innovation Engineering III (Fall)
MG 440 Applied Decision Making and Analysis (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 462 Performance Appraisals and Compensation (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 474 Experience: Innovation Engineering IV (Spring)
MG 480 Management Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 485 Project Management  
(Fall - face to face, Spring - online, Summer - online)
MG 491 International Business (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 494 Entrepreneurial Business Plan Writing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 496H Honors Symposium in Leadership (Spring)
MG 498 Strategic Management (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MG 499 Independent Study - Practicum (Fall, Spring, Summer)


MK 360 Principles of Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 363 Integrated Marketing Communications (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 365 Principles of Category Management (Fall, Spring)
MK 375 Social Media Marketing (Fall, Spring)
MK 395 Entrepreneurial Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 435 Science of Category Management (Fall, Spring)
MK 455 Hospitality and Tourism Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 461 Personal Selling (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 462 Advanced Sales (Fall, Spring)
MK 465 Sales Management (Summer, Fall)
MK 470 Cases in Category Management (Fall, Spring)
MK 476 Consumer Behavior (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 480 Marketing Internship (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 487 E-Marketing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 492 Retailing (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 495 Senior Marketing Seminar (Offered as needed)
MK 498 Marketing Management (Fall, Spring, Summer)
MK 499 Independent Study - Practicum (Fall, Spring, Summer)