Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a groundbreaking program that provides a systematic approach to innovation.

The fundamental concepts of the program include tools and methods for:

  • Creating
  • Communicating
  • Commercializing meaningfully unique ideas

For Students, Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • is a minor that complements any major or field of study including the sciences, arts, humanities, business, engineering, and education
  • enables them to learn how to employ the tools and methods of innovation in their field of interest
  • helps them to acquire skills that are essential to participation in the global economy
  • facilitates them to gain knowledge to lead the commercialization of new products, services and technologies

For Employers, Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • accelerates a continuous flow of innovations - big and small - to address your departmentʼs, divisionʼs, and companyʼs very important problems & opportunities
  • can be used on major innovation projects that have a dramatic impact on sales and profits or minor projects that help transform the culture
  • a four-stage process of Define, Discover, Develop and Deliver 
    • integrates painlessly with classic project management systems such as Compression Planning, Stage-Gate, Design for 6 Sigma or Hoshin Planning

Consider a Minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Courses Required are: 

  • MG 234 or MG 234H - Create: Innovation and Entrepreneurship I
  • MG 334 or MG 334H - Communicate: Innovation and Entrepreneurship II
  • MG 434 - Commercialize: Innovation and Entrepreneurship III
  • MG 474 - Experience: Innovation and Entrepreneurship IV
  • MG 480 - Management Internship