Project Management Minor

Why should I minor in Project Management?

Project Management is a growing field with a multitude of opportunities for students. While most students will not start their careers in project management, almost all students will work on one or more projects in their career.  A minor in project management will prepare you not only for a potential career in project management but it will also prepare you to be an effective project team member.  This will be invaluable to anyone in the job market today. 

A minor in Project Management will provide specific and focused content and activities that will contribute to preparation for careers in the project management discipline, as a project manager or project team member. Additionally completion of the minor will prepare participants to pursue further credentials in the project management area, including the knowledge and skills required for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exam.  The CAPM is a stepping stone to the full Project Management Professional (PMP) certification that can be obtained only after many hours of experience as a Project Manager, and is therefore not attainable for the majority of undergraduate students. 

Consider a minor in Project Management today to enhance your career opportunities in the future. 

For more information about this minor or about the CAPM or PMP certifications, please contact Ms. Diane Kutz, PMP, Instructor of Management at 256-765-5076 or via email at

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