Choosing A Major

"What can I do with a Major in..."

Majors sheets entitled "What can I do with a Major in..." offer ideas for various majors and career interests. Job titles, types of employment, and suggestions to increase the likelihood of getting a job in the field can be printed from this electronic database created by UT-Knoxville. (Note: Not all UNA majors are listed exactly as we list them...please find the one most similar for equivalent information..)

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This resource is found online at It is designed to provide assistance in making decisions about future work life. The Handbook describes hundreds of jobs in terms of the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, working conditions, and related occupations.

Individual Consultation

The Career Planning and Development staff is available by appointment for individual consultation. Schedule an appointment with a staff member to discuss career or major choice, techniques for searching for a job, help with your resume, or any other career-related topic. In your meeting, our staff member may determine that you would benefit from taking a career assessment. We offer two different tools:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI is an assessment that describes personality preferences based on the choices made on the multiple-choice inventory. It is often used in working with groups to determine personality differences or similarities and can be interpreted individually or in groups.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong (SII) inventory measures interests and working styles and indicates occupations that people with similar interests have chosen. The results will be interpreted on an individual basis with an advisor.

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