You Want to Major in What?

It is common for parents to be concerned about their student's choice of major. Will jobs be available? Will the investment in this education have long term career benefits? It can be tempting to make recommendations such as "Be an X major. That's where the jobs are." This, however, can be a source of great anxiety for many students. When mom or dad pushes a major that does not align with the student's passions and interests it can be difficult to successfully navigate the decision-making process.

The truth is a student's undergraduate major is typically not the critical key to success. Major does not equal career. How is this possible? The key is transferable skills ; abilities that can be translated to any career and any employer. Students may gain these skills in the classroom, but many are developed through internships, extracurricular activities, volunteer experiences and other out-of-the-classroom endeavors . Employers and graduate programs are interested in students who not only perform well academically, but who are also well rounded and engaged in their undergraduate experience. In fact, many seek students who come from academic programs outside of their own field and therefore have fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.

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Adapted from: Binghamton University