Can I graduate in four years?

The short answer is yes, provided that you plan carefully, work hard, and stay on track with grades and requirements. You will need to complete 121 credit hours with an average grade of C (grade point average of 2.0) or better overall and in your major for graduation.  If you plan to register for classes only during the fall and spring semesters, you will need to successfully complete an average of 15 credit hours in each of those eight semesters in order to graduate in four years.  If you register for summer classes, you can lower the credit hour load you will need to carry in the fall and spring semesters and still graduation in four years.  You must take a minimum of 12 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters, or six credit hours in the summer term, to be considered a full time student. It is important that you work with the Student Financial Services office to determine how full-time or part-time status, or enrollment in summer classes, will affect your financial aid. Student Financial Services is located in The Commons Building:; 256.765.4278;

To reach your goal of 121 hours for graduation with a major in the Department of Communications, you must complete at least 72 hours of coursework from outside the Department of Communications.* Of these 72 hours, at least 53 of the hours should be in approved Arts and Sciences/Liberal Arts classes. When you have completed the 41 hours of General Education requirements (Page 6), and 12 additional hours of approved AS/LA courses (Page 7), you will meet the 53 hours in AS/LA requirement. These 53 hours plus 19 additional hours outside Communications* will meet the 72 hour requirement. To meet the requirement for your major concentration typically requires 46 hours. The number of hours required in your major concentration will vary slightly, so be sure to refer to the check list for your concentration for details. Check lists are available online ( and in the department office.

A minor is not required, but if you choose to declare a minor, it must be outside of the Department of Communications.  Most minors require 18 credit hours; check the UNA Undergraduate Catalog for minor requirements in all departments. 

Additional Graduation Requirements

  • At least 36 credit hours earned in junior/senior (300-400) level courses.
  • At least 61 hours earned at UNA or other senior (four-year) in situation.
  • At least 31 credit hours earned at UNA,
  • Official degree evaluation obtained on completion of 45 semester credit hours by logging into UNA Portal and accessing: Self Service Banner/Student/Student Records/CAPP Degree Evaluation.
  • Degree application filed at the Registrar's Office two semesters prior to graduation.

Transfer students should pay careful attention to the requirements for credit hours earned at a four-year institution and credit hours earned at UNA.

If you plan to graduate: You must apply:
Fall 2017: 2/2/2017 thru 6/1/2017
Spring 2018: 6/2/2017 thru 10/1/2017
Summer 2018: 10/2/2017 thru 2/1/2018

Graduation fee is $30.00. This fee is non-refundable.

*Courses without a COM prefix count as outside Communications. In addition, all COM courses listed in the General Education program and/or included on the current approved AS/LA list count as outside Communications when not taken to fulfill a requirement in the Communications concentration.

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