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Dr. Beth Garfrerick, assistant professor of communications in public relations, and Dr. Bruce Gordon, professor of finance, will lead a UNA Study Abroad trip to New Zealand from May 11-26.  The curriculum will focus on a multidisciplinary introduction to tourism/travel and business industries in New Zealand. The course will involve study-visits, day trips, and guided study tours to businesses, tourism bureaus and iconic facilities and outdoor locations that have been instrumental in branding New Zealand as a top tourist destination because of the country’s ties to recent popular film series such as Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. This will be the first UNA-sponsored study-abroad trip to New Zealand.  In May, 2013, and May, 2014, Dr. Garfrerick and Communications students participated in UNA-sponsored study-abroad trips to Tianjin-Beijing, China, and Beijing-Xi’an-Nanjing-Shanghai, China.​


Click here to learn more about the Communications Department's study abroad trip to Tianjin, China in May of 2013.

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