Motor Pool Usage Procedures For Automobiles and Vans

  1.  Each traveler must have the trip approved on the Request UNA Vehicle Form prior to the trip.  Forms must be signed by the traveler (driver) and approved by the Cost Center Head. 
  2. No vehicle should be reserved for longer than is reasonable necessary for a trip.  The request should reflect the time the vehicle will actually be leaving the motor pool, not when the traveler wants to pick up the keys.  Scheduling is done from the time the vehicle leaves and returns to the motor pool.  When a trip is cut short, please cancel the remaining time so the vehicle may be made available to others.
  3. It is University policy to assign the highest mileage vehicles to local and short distance trips and to reserve low mileage vehicles for longer trips.  All vehicles will be available on a “first-come – first-served” basis until all vehicles are assigned.
  4. Notify the office of Facilities Administration and Planning (256)765-4274 if a previously assigned vehicle will not be used (mileage may be charged for vehicles not canceled).
  5. The Motor Vehicle Use Report Form is essential and must be completed in full.  If there is any mechanical trouble, it should be noted on the form prior to turning it in.  Our UNA mechanic checks these reports daily and needs to be aware of any difficulties.  The mileage sheet, credit card, and car key need to be placed in the deposit box at the motor pool at the conclusion of the trip.  The actual miles driven will be the basis on which charges will be made.  There is a minimum charge of $40 per day for van rental.
  6. All vehicles should be turned in to the motor pool with at least a quarter tank of gas remaining.  The fuel card in the key pack should be used, and fuel receipts placed in the pack.  University fuel cards should not be used for purchasing fuel for personal vehicles.
  7. Travelers who fail to return the vehicle to the proper place at the proper time or who fail to file the necessary forms may be denied further use of University vehicles.
  8. A current copy of the prospective drivers license must be on file before a University vehicle will be assigned.
  9. Request for a UNA BUS must be submitted at least ONE WEEK in advance of the trip to ensure that a driver can be assigned. Bus charges depend on the total number of hours used and the distance. Typically, buses are not allowed to go more than 100 miles unless it is approved by Vice President David Shields.
  10. For ANY vehicle, please fill out the request form entirely, including account numbers to be charged to, the number of people going on the trip, and it MUST be signed by the Department Dean or Chair. Forms will not be accepted without all of this information.

**Forms should be submitted to Sandra Osborn, Executive Assistant in Facilities Administration and Planning.