Group Counseling

Student Counseling Services offers group therapy providing an inclusive and innovative environment for students to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with others experiencing similar life events. This allows students to become engaged with one another and address their overall health and wellness, which aids in their lifelong development as individuals as they integrate into their respective communities.

Group counseling is one of our primary clinical services. For many students, group therapy is the most effective and appropriate treatment option.

Group counseling is a unique opportunity available to students in need of a supportive environment. It allows students to hear multiple perspectives and receive encouragement and feedback from peers in a safe and confidential environment. These interpersonal interactions deepen self-awareness and help members learn new ways of relating to others. While some of our groups focus primarily on deepening this understanding of self and others, we also have groups that focus on specific concerns and skill development.

There is no limit to the number of group therapy sessions available to students. Getting started with group counseling begins with an initial evaluation, or intake appointment. You and your counselor will discuss if group counseling is the appropriate form of treatment. Your counselor will also provide information about our groups so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Groups meet weekly for 60-90 minutes. There are typically 5-12 students in each group and 1-2 group leaders.

“I will be forced to tell all of my deepest thoughts and feelings to the group.”

You control what, how much, and when you share with the group. Most individuals find that they feel safe enough to share their concerns with the group, and the group setting can be very helpful and affirming. Share what you are ready to share. Listening to others may also help, as some of what they say might apply to you.

“Group Counseling will take longer than individual counseling because I will have to share the time with others.”

Group counseling can often be more efficient than individual counseling. As a participant in a group, you can benefit from the group even during sessions when you say little if you listen carefully to others. You will find that you have a lot in common with other group members. As they work on a concern, you will learn more about yourself and can apply that information to your own situation.

“Group counseling is second-best to individual counseling.”

If a group referral is provided, it is because the clinician believes that it is an effective method to address your concerns. Not everyone is appropriate for group treatment. There are numerous presenting concerns that are more effectively addressed in group work than individual counseling.

“I have difficulty talking to people, I’ll never be able to share in a group.”

Most individuals are anxious about the idea of sharing their thoughts and feelings with others, but within a few sessions, most participants find that they do feel comfortable talking in the group. Becoming comfortable speaking with others in a safe, group setting may help your relationships with others, and benefit other aspects of your life as well.

Connect provides students a safe, therapeutic environment to identify concerns and receive feedback on interpersonal relationships through enhancing personal understanding, exploring
social connections, and developing skills needed to cultivate positive, healthy relationships.
MEETS: Tuesdays- 4pm (OPEN GROUP)
Open group for exploring gender identity and expression, affectional/sexual orientation, & whatever makes you unique in a safe, affirming space.
MEETS: Mondays- 4pm (OPEN GROUP)
Discover the art of you! Open to actively-enrolled students. A group designed to help discover, define, and enhance overall self-concept. Gain insight in the uniqueness of individuality and design. Learn the acceptance of self while appreciating the differences of others in an inclusive environment.
MEETS: Wednesday- 4PM (OPEN GROUP)
Have you lost someone close to you? Are you struggling with the terminal illness of a loved one? Are you feeling lost in the loss? After Loss is an exploration of diverse grief and bereavement issues that provide a combination of psychoeducation, expressive arts, and discussion in a safe, supportive, and nonjudgemental space with others who are there to listen.
MEETS: Wednesdays- 3PM (OPEN GROUP)
This group offers support services for students recovering from substance abuse. It is peer led and focuses on building community and accountability as the best approach to prevent relapse. Come join students looking to connect to others interested in living and maintaining a life of sobriety.
MEETS: Thursdays- 4PM (OPEN GROUP)

Open group for identifying, understanding, & managing emotions to develop more effective coping skills to manage life stressors.

MEETS: Tuesdays- 3:00 pm (OPEN GROUP)

A group supporting and encouraging "recovery" from a diagnosable eating disorder (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, or other disordered eating illnesses) and/or associated disordered eating patterns, distorted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and extreme behaviors. LIFE group does not replace treatment but provides information, suggestions, and support to maintain recovery or reduce/eliminate disordered eating patterns, distorted thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, and extreme behaviors. This is a closed group and students will be referred by a mental health counselor after appropriate screening or assessment.
Call SCS for date and times (CLOSED GROUP)

Stop by to chat about your overall health & well-being.

Every 1st (UHS) & 3rd (SCS) Wednesday of the Month

5:00- 6:00 pm- Lion Learning Center, Rivers Hall