Make an Appointment

     To begin, contact Student Counseling Services via phone (256-765-5215) or visit the office (555 Oakview Circle) in-person during regular office hours. Usual operating hours are 8:00am to 4:30pm when the University is open.  We strive to assist students as quickly as possible, so appointments are highly suggested.
     We cannot make an appointment via email and are unable to make an appointment for another person, without speaking to that person directly.  However, please show support by accompanying someone to the center if they wish.  

Message about Parking:  

There is no designated parking area for Student Counseling Services, and like the rest of our beautiful campus, parking is very limited.  Spaces may be available in the Kilby School lot or on Oakview Circle itself, but parking spaces cannot be guaranteed. Students are encouraged to plan their time accordingly, remembering to arrive for your first appointment 20-30 minutes early.  It is recommended to walk to our office if you are already parked on campus.  

Please see the "Contact Us" page for a map and other contact information.