Other Staff Services

  • Presentations, Trainings, Exhibits, Interviews     Professional staff members of Student Counseling Services strive to provide quality psycho-educational presentations and training sessions, event support, and campuswide activities. Presentations or event support will be provided depending on scheduling and staffing availability. Event definitions and examples are:
  • Educational Presentations/Training Sessions – Any event in which Student Counseling Services staff delivers a presentation or training session to any number of faculty, staff, students, parents/significant others, or community members. Examples include: Topic specific presentations to FYE or other classes, residence halls, RSOs, advisor trainings, etc.
  • Event Support/Campuswide Activities – Any event for which Student Counseling Services is asked to provide collaborative support, but for which no presentation or training session is delivered by Student Counseling Services staff. Examples for event support include: having a counselor lead a discussion after a movie about a sensitive or difficult topic, provide support for events that contain topics that may elicit strong emotional responses in guests, etc.  Examples of campuswide activities include: exhibit fairs, SOAR, topic-specific awareness events (NEDA, Take Back the Night, Alcohol Prevention, etc.), tailgating events, etc.

      Call 256-765-5215 with specific questions, or to schedule with a Student Counseling Services staff member.