The Counseling Process

     The college years can be exciting, stressful, and challenging.  Having to face difficult situations or feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of daily life are expected aspects of life, even during the college years. However, during college, these experiences can negatively impact your ability to meet your life goals and function well academically.
     When students utilize available campus resources, the potentially negative impact of the situation may be minimized. We encourage students at the University of North Alabama to take advantage of the supportive services available to them through Student Counseling Services. 

About your first appointment:
     Please arrive 20-30 minutes early for the first appointment in order to fill out your intake forms.  This provides basic information about you, what you are experiencing, and assists the counselor in developing a more in-depth view of you and your concerns.
     After completing the paperwork, you will meet with a counselor.  Student Counseling Services provides a safe place to express your thoughts and feelings. The counselor will help to develop a plan toward resolving your concerns.  Counselors do not give advice and cannot solve problems for you.  They will try to see things from your point of view and will help you explore alternative options that you may not have considered previously.
Counseling is a collaborative process where you will be taken seriously and can discuss anything you wish openly and confidentially.  The counselors will listen to you in order to develop a clear understanding of your concerns and of yourself.  If any questions or concerns arise, please feel free to discuss them with your counselor!  Open communication is encouraged and necessary through this process as is your active participation in completing suggestions ("homework") outside of counseling sessions.